Why I don’t trust Trump on Iran

Why I don’t trust Trump on Iran

There is little reason to believe President Trump and the Neocons about Iran.

President Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told us that the United States had to murder Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani last week because he was planning “imminent attacks” on US citizens. I dont believe you.

I dont believe you. Why not? Because Trump and the neocons, like Pompeo, have lied about Iran in the past three years to provide enough support for a U.S. attack. For three years, the U.S. government gave us one, from the invented justification for quitting the nuclear deal with Iran, to the accusation of Iran to stand behind Yemen, to the accusation of Iran for an attack on Saudi oil facilities steady stream of lies fed because she is owned by Iran.

And before Trump’s obsession with attacking Iran, the last four U.S. governments have lied incessantly to wage wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Serbia and Somalia, and the list goes on.

If we have been consistently and consistently lied to about a “threat” that we need to “eliminate” with a military attack for decades, there will come a time when we have to assume that they are lying until they provide rock solid, irrefutable evidence. So far they haven’t delivered anything. So I don’t believe them.

President Trump has warned that his government has already targeted 52 sites that are important to Iran and Iranian culture, and that the US will attack them if Iran takes retaliatory measures to assassinate General Soleimani. Because Iran has no capacity to attack the United States, retaliation of Iran when it comes is likely to be against US troops or US government officials stationed in or visiting the Middle East. I have a very simple solution for President Trump that will save the lives of American soldiers and other U.S. officials: just come home. There is absolutely no reason for US troops to be deployed throughout the Middle East to unnecessarily increase the risk of death.

In our Ron Paul Liberty Report program last week, we observed that, contrary to the Iraqi government’s objection, the US attack on a senior Iranian military officer on Iraqi soil would serve to finally unite the Iraqi factions against the United States. Here’s how it happened: On Sunday, the Iraqi parliament voted to expel US troops from Iraqi soil. It may have been a non-binding resolution, but the mood is unmistakable. US troops are not wanted and they are increasingly at risk. So why not listen to the Iraqi parliament?

Bring our troops home, close the US Embassy in Baghdad – a symbol of our aggression – and let the Middle East people solve their own problems. Maintain a strong defense to protect the United States, but put an end to this neo-conservative web to rule the world with a gun in hand. That does not work. It makes us poorer and more vulnerable to attacks. It makes Washington’s elites rich, while it leaves America’s working class and middle class behind. It creates hatred and lust for revenge among those who have fallen victim to US interventionist foreign policy. And it means millions of innocent people are killed abroad.

Trying to rule the world is of no use to the United States. Such a foreign policy only brings bankruptcy – morally and financially. Tell Congress and the government that, for America’s sake, we are calling for US troops to return from the Middle East!

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