What Trump kept silent about in his wild attack on WHO

What Trump kept silent about in his wild attack on WHO

In the Rose Garden of the White House, Donald Trump buttoned up on WHO. For the United States there is light at the end of the tunnel in the Corona crisis, the US President read on Tuesday. To come to the actual topic of his speech: the alleged omissions of the WHO and the freeze on payments by his government for the international organization.

“Today I instruct my government to freeze payments to WHO as we investigate WHO’s role in mismanagement and in covering up the spread of the coronavirus ,” Trump said – then add freely, “Everyone knows what’s going on. “

For Trump, WHO is now the scapegoat for the catastrophic corona outbreak that the United States is experiencing. No country has more cases, no country has more deaths in the corona crisis.

For political scientist Josef Braml, Trump wants to “primarily distract from his failure,” he told watson . “Because he ignored the early warnings of his intelligence services and advisors and initially belittled the corona pandemic as a joke, even as a conspiracy theory by the Democrats. This allowed him to waste valuable time.”

Trump had to keep four of his own failures in his wild attack.

Trump did not accept WHO help

“One of the most dangerous and costly decisions by WHO was the disastrous decision to speak out against travel restrictions from China and other countries,” Trump said in his speech. “Fortunately, I was not convinced and stopped traveling from China, saving countless lives . Thousands and thousands of people would have died.”

But the truth is also : Missing test kits in the US prevented infected people from being identified and isolated. The US government rejected the tests provided by the WHO and instead had its own test kits developed. However, the CDC’s own tests at first were faulty – after that the USA could not keep up with production.

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In this way, unidentified outbreaks of epidemics could develop throughout the country . By the time the entry was stopped at the end of January, the coronavirus had long been in the country; on January 21, the CDC reported the first coronavirus infection in the USA.

Trump himself praised China

The WHO failed to critically and promptly review the information provided by the Chinese government, Trump criticized. Instead, she took China’s pledge at face value and even praised the country for its “so-called transparency”.

But Trump himself initially praised China extensively . As recently as February, he said in a radio interview that China was dealing with the crisis very “professionally”: “I think they are very capable, President Xi is extremely capable and I hope that it will be resolved.”

Here is the interview:

So the US President did not initially question China’s role in the pandemic, but was friendly on the outside. When the extent of the Corona outbreak in the USA became visible, Trump only spoke of the “Chinese virus” – as if China alone were to blame.

Trump did not take the virus seriously for a long time

The late WHO statement of a health emergency had “wasted valuable time,” Trump said in his speech on Tuesday. With faster and more determined intervention by the WHO, the epidemic could have been confined to its place of origin with just a few deaths, Trump claimed. “That would have saved thousands of lives and prevented economic damage worldwide.”

The WHO announced the “health emergency” on January 30 . At that point, Donald Trump was still talking about the coronavirus threat and comparing it to flu. Even at the beginning of March, he claimed that the danger was minimal and the issue was exaggerated by the Democrats.

Trump must have known about the danger early on

According to Trump, the WHO has let a lot of time pass. However, according to media reports , the US president must also have known about the danger of the corona virus in January. A senior adviser to the president had already warned of a coronavirus pandemic and made specific proposals to contain the pandemic. Trump only implemented these proposals in March.

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“A fact-based and public service response could have saved thousands of lives in the United States and alleviated the looming slump in the US economy,” said political scientist Braml.

The consequences of the freeze on WHO payments could be dangerous, the expert believes . “Caught in his nationalist narcissism, even in a global pandemic and a looming global economic crisis, Trump does not understand the common sense of international cooperation. It destroys the hope that the pandemic could lead to stronger international cooperation,” said Braml. Scientific cooperation in the development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics would be essential for survival.

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