‘War, war never changes’

‘War, war never changes’

“War. War never changes.

The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth.
Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory.
Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower.
From the Romans to the atomic bomb

But war never changes.

In the 21st century, war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired. Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons: Petroleum and Uranium. For these resources, China would invade Alaska, the US would annex Canada, and the European Commonwealth would dissolve into quarreling, bickering nation-states, bent on controlling the last remaining resources on Earth.” 

— © Ron Perlman, Fallout™ 


This is how the apocalyptic world of the popular science fiction game Fallout is introduced.

Unfortunately, reality often catches up with fiction.

In Europe, after the rise of populism, with the insertion “The Renewed Nation State” we are indeed seeing an unstable European union appearing to tear itself apart over the few resources we still have and how many refugees we want to take up.

At the gates of the European border, a hungry Putin has been scornfully watching for several years. He is dragging more and more crumbs from the European table, he can annex countries with impunity, appropriates himself the geopolitical gas keys and is ready to shut down the energy supply to the European continent at any moment. NATO and our diplomatic cold-bloodedness have been the ultimate salvation on several occasions.

Putin has learned, he is now waging his war online and economically. ” You simply destabilize the European Union with fake news and sponsoring the extreme right, all you have to do then is be patient and do some economic destabilization here and there, with a stream of refugees from, for example, the prolonged conflict in Syria.”
Does Putin have reasons to start a war? The popularity in his own country is historically low and the legitimacy of his actions is increasingly being questioned, nothing better to boost the image than a glorious war against those who have always suppressed Russian growth …

The Chinese addiction to economic growth will continue and will soon grow out of proportion. The new Chinese Silk Road is equivalent to a model of reverse colonization: “Make the economically less developed countries addicted to your loans and infrastructure projects and they will be in your pocket forever.”

With a little bad will you can also blame the Chinese for the European refugee crisis. Is it not them who flood the African continent with accessible internet, smartphones and the idea of ​​a prosperous refuge Europe? A strong and exaggerated statement? Is it then not the Chinese products that flood all markets at bargain prices? Is it not the Chinese technology that is being implemented everywhere? How much European money does not disappear towards Alibaba and Alliexpres, the Chinese market will always be able to go below our prices, the result of our own economic ignorance.

Trumps America is said to have eliminated Iranian top general Qasem Soleimani to prevent war from being stopped. It is of course mentioned that it is just about the only argument under which ‘liberal democratic’ states can wage war. After all, without the pretext of a “just war,” the hands are tied.

Here too ‘ the war on terror ‘ is used as a handy excuse. The spattered fog seems easy to break through: “ Trump has to undergo an impeachment procedure, elections are coming and his popularity seems to be historically low. Not an original idea in itself, he probably got his mustard from Clinton, who also carried out an airstrike when his impeachment procedure was too likely to succeed . ”

The motivation behind the so  – called preemptive strike is no different than that of Putin or the Chinese. The Cold cynical thesis remains: “People start a war because of weak domestic politics and known foreign economic interests.”

The Iranians will take revenge, they swear it themselves. A dangerous threat, Iran has already proved that they can shut off the sea supply of oil. A drone trike in November already destroyed a significant share of world oil production. America has continued to invest in oil extraction, withdrew from the Paris agreements and can therefore be self-sufficient and polluting. Russia and China have more than enough oil and natural gas and they too don’t really care about the climate so they can still rely on heaps of coal. Oil prices will rise, the long-awaited recession will come squeaking around the corner and the wick is put into the powder keg.

Another strong proposition? In Europe, however, we know very well the result of a comparison where you add nationalist nation states to a recession and a foreign enemy. We should still know how such things go off the rails. ” Ni wieder krieg ” and ” Wir haben es nicht gewusst ” sound too familiar.

Let us not forget Turkey, Turkey is dependent on the Russian gas pipelines and, as a final border, controls our flow of refugees. How we continue to trust this is a mystery, especially if one does not forget the Turkish offensive against the Kurds. Stability sinks so softly into a geopolitical swamp that fills up thanks to the ignorance of cynical world leaders who erase the achievements of the last hundred years in a matter of minutes with every mistake.

We here in Europe have no longer invested in oil extraction in the North Sea, we have drawn the climate map to a greater or lesser extent, a beautiful and necessary ideal, but that is why we are now energy dependent. If the tap goes, then in all likelihood a European recession will break out that will give the extreme right a free rein.  Is Europe finding its diplomatic self again, or are we continuing to play ostrich policy because we are all too strongly aware that we are not playing along with the big boys?

Would we perhaps, for once in history, perhaps not stare at the issues of the day but organize ourselves towards the future?
Do we let Trumps America drag us into another war that is not ours?
Are we once again going to convince the public that this is a “just war” in the fight against terrorism, or are we going to acknowledge that this is yet another aggressive attack in a row?
Are we finally going back to opting for the principle and the long-term vision?
Do we have to keep running after America as it unleashes war after war?
If it destabilizes our economy through trade wars with China.
As long as the discontent in the world keeps increasing?
If a digital war is raging in which Europe is more often than not alone?
If one continues to bomb flat air-wise in the name of freedom and we must continue to be responsible for the damage and destabilization?
Do our weapons from FN Herstal have to go around the world?
Should it be the Belgian weapons that continue to fuel instability in the Middle East?
Should it be the Walloon arms industry that fires its shots all the way to Yemen.
Have you ever opted for that?
I don’t already.

Wherever you are or wherever you come from, war is everywhere … Your faith does not matter, your behavior does not matter, your education does not matter, war, war never changes … From the highest elite peaks of civilization to the smelly remains of the old world, we all share war. War, war never changes, because humanity is still the same, we are still not forgotten.

Let us resist war again and again.
Let us therefore make it clear that we want Belgium, that Europe, not to be dragged into a new conflict.
Show that we do not agree, that we have not been silent, that we have learned.


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War, war never changes

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