This Is The Second Time In The Last Two Days That Terrorists Have Attempted To Illegally Enter Venezuela Via Naval Incursion From Neighboring Colombia.

The Venezuelan people foiled Monday another terrorist infiltration from neighboring Colombia, putting an end to a second attempt to breach the Bolivarian Republic’s territorial integrity.

Local fishermen detected the armed incursion and alerted the Venezuelan armed forces. According to Aragua’s Governor Rodolfo Marco, through local intelligence units and the joint civic-military unity, the apprehension of these perpetrators was made possible.

The Venezuelan authorities reported that the eight “terrorists” were arrested inside the town of Chuao in the Aragua state; they were armed and attempting to infiltrate to cause harm to the South American nation.

“We continue in Popular Victory, how great we are! #BolivarianFury operation is proving its efficiency. Mercenaries who step on our homeland’s soil will be exposed to the people’s dignity,” the President Constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello said shortly after the apprehension of the suspects.

This is one of the two U.S. nationals captured in Chuao, Baduel’s son confirmed that they work for the security of DonaldTrump.

​​Among the detained is Antonio Jose Sequea, who was photographed on April 30, 2019, alongside Leopoldo Lopez during the failed coup attempt in Caracas. Also, Adolfo Baduel, son of retired general Raul Baduel former Defense Minister to Hugo Chavez; and two alleged and currently named U.S. citizens.

This is the second time in the last two days that terrorists have attempted to illegally enter Venezuela via naval incursion from neighboring Colombia.

The Venezuelan authorities are still investing the attempted infiltration on Sunday, which saw the arrest of one U.S.-sponsored Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent and the death of a few terrorists.

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