This month it has been a year since a number of countries signed the migration pact in Morocco. A pact that should give the large population exchange a legal touch. Fortunately, a group of countries also refused to put their signature under the pact. This was mainly due to the publicity that activists throughout Europe gave to the pact. The globalists hoped to be able to implement the signing in silence. We were able to prevent that. We now see the effects of the Pact every day. More and more migrants, and more and more repression against anyone who turns against this migration policy.

It is also increasingly common for migrants from Africa to be flown in as if it were the most natural thing in the world. This usually happens at night, because the organizers are afraid that the images of planes full of Africans, most of them men, will lead to a revolt among the European peoples. People also stubbornly refuse to say exactly how many flights are involved. We can therefore safely speak of a “night and nebel” operation. Incidentally, the UN is very proud that this type of flight is taking place now, and is calling for many more “new citizens”. Apparently the influx did not go fast enough. Furthermore, all this is kept silent. But that does not mean that nothing has happened. On the contrary, it indicates that the globalists have much bigger plans to push the current Europe to the abyss.

Recently, the EU adopted a plan to promote the inflow from Africa, while at the same time “Africanizing” Europe. This plan has been adopted secretly and silently. Just like with the migration pact. After all, people are terrified of publicity. The truth has become a scarce article in Europe anyway. So it’s time to look at this unfortunate plan as a warning for the future, and to once again shed the true face of the elite in shrill light. It is the only means that we can use against this alliance of liars.

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The Africa plan was already adopted by the European Parliament in September 2019, and it regulates the rights that African migrants will have in Europe in the future. The globalists do not consider the flow of migrants from the Middle East sufficient, and have therefore decided to launch a new flow from Africa. All European governments agreed and thereby betrayed their own people. Betrayal because the underlying idea is to abolish national states, and therefore also peoples. This to create a mixed population in the long term, which is passive and defenseless. The Africa plan is a new building block in this project.

What are they planning? Currently 450 million people live in Western Europe. The plan is to bring at least 200 million Africans to Europe between now and 2050. We know that the population of Africa is increasing by 1 million every 10 days, and it is said that 800 million Africans are willing to go to Europe. What Europe will look like after such an influx cannot be described. If you want a little taste of it, you should check out the major European cities, where the Multi-Culti madness is already a reality. Of course, measures are needed to regulate and streamline this planned invasion, and that is precisely the purpose of the Africa plan. A plan that we really should not know about.

The plan contains the following points: first, the document confirms the population exchange and the place that the migration pact takes in the plans. 15 million Africans are already living in Europe, and they will now, together with the upcoming migrants, receive far-reaching rights. Under the plan, African migrants must be far more represented in the media, ie television, radio and all sorts of cultural expressions, than is currently the case. This will be enforced by a quota system, whereby reality must not stand in the way. So another form of “positive discrimination”. This word is not used, but there is no other explanation. Furthermore, every month throughout Europe a month will be devoted to the history of black Africa. This is a tactic that is also used in America, and which is aimed, among other things, at calling the existing peoples a debt complex. In this way they want to force the peoples to silently accept the large influx of migrants.

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In addition, under the plan it will no longer be possible for the police to point out that an offender has an African background. This is seen as “racial profiling” and is no longer permitted. Agents will have to attend courses to get rid of their so-called afrophobia. All this will form a kind of new industry, from which certain figures will earn a lot. We have seen this before in the asylum industry, including human smuggling. Anyone who criticizes the influx, the change in society as a result, or the behavior of the migrants can be prosecuted in the future. This is another intervention in freedom of expression, and a next step towards the dictatorship.

Furthermore, the plan says that quota measures must also be taken on the labor market to help Africans in Europe find work. It goes without saying that this will be to the disadvantage of the current population, certainly at the bottom of the labor market. If this plan goes ahead, displacement, along with forced dismissal to hire in cheaper labor, will become an increasing problem. If you protest against this you can be prosecuted as a racist, even if you are in your right.

Another piece of history forgery is built into another part of the plan. Indeed, it is claimed that African peoples have made a major contribution over a long period to the construction of European society. This is total nonsense, and is not supported by any evidence. All this makes clear why the plan has been kept so anxious from the media. People do not want any discussion, and no criticism. The plan is being discussed in the alternative media, but the majority of the European population still has no idea what is coming. Let’s all together try to change this. Spread this article, or other information about the Africa plan, in as many channels as possible. Publicity is the only working weapon against this madness. What the globalists want is clear. Let’s put a stop to that together. We have the power for this, because we are still the majority. If we use that power, we can block this plan and the other madness. But then we must act now. Tomorrow is already too late.

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