The geopolitical tensions peaked this century

The geopolitical tensions peaked this century

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warns of ongoing geopolitical tensions. He sees an escalation.

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The geopolitical burden around the world is at its peak, said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday. He warns of a further escalation.

“The new year has started with turmoil in our world,” Guterres said in a statement to reporters after Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was killed and Iran’s nuclear commitments were canceled. “The geopolitical tensions are at their highest levels this century,” he added.

“This turbulence is escalating. Even the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons is no longer a matter of course, ”said Guterres.

“This turmoil is causing more and more countries to make unforeseen decisions with unpredictable consequences and a significant risk of miscalculation,” added the United Nations Secretary-General.

The situation in Venezuela also worries the Portuguese. After the escalation in the power struggle in Venezuela, the United Nations has called on the government and opposition to reduce tensions. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is concerned about the incidents, said a UN spokesman.

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