Political message Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) for new Spanish left coalition government

Political message Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) for new Spanish left coalition government

In the Spanish Parliament, the debates continue for the approval of the new government, the first coalition government since the restoration of democracy in 1977, of the Social Democrats (PSOE) with Unidas Podemos (the merger of Podemos with other left parties). This is part of the speech by Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos. Here he summarizes what a real social government program can look like.

I have a message for you, Mr Casado (chairman of the Conservative Party), and for you, Mr Abascal (chairman of the extreme right-wing party Vox), who was just sent to me on my mobile by Rosa Lluch, daughter of Ernest Lluch (Spanish politician, murdered on 21 November 2000 by the (Basque separatist organization) ETA: “Don’t talk in the name of the victims of terrorism. Many have fought for dialogue and reconciliation, not for hatred. Stop using our pain to your advantage. ”

First an appreciation. If you want to defend the monarchy, avoid the monarchy identifying with you, because if there was anything that Juan Carlos I knew (the Spanish king who was named head of state shortly before his death by fascist dictator Franco), wherever he was may have come from and became king because of what made him king, it is that the institution (of the monarchy) can only survive by distancing itself from the right. Who knows, paradoxically, you may have transformed yourself into the greatest threat to the monarchy in Spain. That is a matter of intelligence (something to think about).

I wish to send a message to the people who listen to us:

– a message to women: the next government will guarantee all the social achievements of women and strive for new victories;

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– a message also to gays, lesbians, to the entire collective of the LGTBQ: the next government will ensure that you can freely love who you prefer and that you can organize your families as you wish;

– I also wish to send a message to the migrants: the next government will defend the human rights and dignity of all people fleeing poverty and wars who have come to work with us;

– a message also to our countrymen who were forced to go abroad for economic reasons: the next government will strive to make it possible for those who wish to return to Spain;

– a message also to our countrymen, Catalans, Basques, Andalucians, residents of the Canary Islands, wherever they are, that they will live their territorial identity in freedom: the next government will defend your languages, your institutions and your freedom so that they they can feel connected to the symbols of their choice;

– and finally, a message, dear ladies and gentlemen, to the working people: the next government will defend the material conditions for freedom. Because, dear colleagues, there is no freedom if you do not arrive until the end of the month, there is no freedom without a public health care system that ensures the basic care and the best care staff that anyone can consult, without restriction by the place where one is born; for there is no freedom without public education, without public universities, which ensures that everyone can study without restriction by the place where they were born.

Pedro (Sánchez, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party PSOE and new Prime Minister), they are not going to attack us for what we do, they are going to attack us for what we are.

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As a chairman, I ask you two things. Firstly, that you will maintain the better tone towards the intolerant and the provocateurs who want to send Spain back to the past. Secondly, that you also maintain the greatest democratic steadfastness.

Thank you.

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