Germany: Trump wants the COVID-19 vaccine (made in Cuba) to be only for the US

Germany: Trump wants the COVID-19 vaccine (made in Cuba) to be only for the US

Germany denounces that Trump seeks to “secure the exclusivity of the results” of a coronavirus vaccine project carried out by German scientists.

“German researchers play a leading role in the development of drugs and vaccines and we cannot allow others to seek to ensure the exclusivity of their results,” said German Foreign Minister Heiko Mas in an interview published Monday in the regional press group Funke .

According to a publication in the German newspaper  Die Welt , US President Donald Trump offered huge incentives to the German company CureVac so that the potential COVID-19 vaccine is “only for the United States.”

CureVac has claimed to be “a few months” away from presenting a project for the vaccine to be clinically validated.

Die Welt’s report , citing anonymous sources close to the German government, ensures that representatives of the German Executive are now negotiating with CureVac to prevent Trump from gaining exclusive rights to a potential vaccine.

The company, for its part, assured on Sunday that “it will not sign any exclusive contract with the United States in relation to the vaccine.” “Our commitment is in Germany and with the workers here at the company,” he added.

German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier praised CureVac’s “stupendous” decision and said that “the company has spoken clearly. Germany is not for sale. “

Trump considers Europe guilty of the pandemic and, since Saturday night, has imposed a 30-day entry ban on the United States on Europeans. 

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz called the measure “grotesque” and reminded Trump that his slogan “USA no longer works in the world. First”.

The European Union (EU), for its part,  repudiated Trump’s “unilateral” decision to suspend flights to his country from Europe  and warned Washington of the consequences of measures of this nature

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