Daesh (IS) rubs itself in the hands

Daesh (IS) rubs itself in the hands

The assassination of Iranian General Soleimani and Iraqi militia chief Al-Mohandis is good news for Daesh (Islamic State, IS). The two played a major role in the fight against IS. One of the consequences is that the “International Coalition” against IS is weakened.

But above all, as a result of the assassination attempt, the Shiite militias in Iraq have increased their hold so that the Sunni Arabs of Iraq have to endure it even more. And that will drive some back into the arms of IS. IS says thanks, Donald Trump. The resurrection of IS in the region will be one of the side effects of Trumps provocation.

Iranian elections

The assassination has also strengthened the Iranian regime, in the first place the “hawks” of that regime. Barely two months after a heavily suppressed popular uprising with hundreds of deaths, almost all of the Iranians swallow their criticism, Iran now stands as unanimously behind the leadership of the Islamic Republic.

Parliamentary elections are held in Iran on February 21. It is now very much the case that the “reformers” around President Hassan Rohani will lose much of their praise to the conservative ultras who shout louder at the Great Satan.

In Iraq itself, it is mainly the youth who have been campaigning against the corrupt regime in Baghdad for three months. They were the victims of the Mohandis and co-militia all the time who killed dozens of activists on Tahir Square in Baghdad last month. They now suffer from the ‘side effects’ of Trumps crime.

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