Conspiracy Theorists Have a New Target, And It’s No Other Than Billionaire Bill Gates

Conspiracy Theorists Have a New Target, And It’s No Other Than Billionaire Bill Gates

So, what if someone is trying to prepare people for an infectious disease pandemic? Well, Bill Gates is being accused of causing a pandemic right now. Yes, you read it right.

Here’s the rapidly spreading Conspiracy Theory

Over the past decade, Bill Gates has been warning everyone about the lack of proper preparation and systems. To deal with infectious disease threats that could lead to a pandemic situation. And now that the world is actually in amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the conspiracy theorists are blaming Gates.

Some people have taken to social media for accusing Gates of starting the COVID-19 pandemic. This is after the Microsoft co-founder has spent much of his career initiating and supporting the efforts taken to prevent and control infectious diseases through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates has also, on multiple occasions, pushed for more awareness about the possibility of a pandemic and more efforts to prevent this possibility, such as in his 2015 Ted Talk.

However, now the conspiracy theorists are claiming that Gates somehow created the ongoing pandemic. As written by a Forbes article, is this not like blaming someone for causing a heart attack after he or she has warned you for years about such a possibility.

Further Criticism

After Gates Posted A picture thanking all the workers, here’s what happened. He was fired with comments. For example, @realcandaceowens said, “Looks like your #coronavirus fame has backfired, hardcore…”.  Then @thedorianyates commented that one day Gates would answer for his crimes and if he desires population reduction, why doesn’t he start with himself and his children ..who are not vaccinated.

There were shared numerous anti-vaccination messages. And even suggestions that Gates wants to put microchips in people to track them. And all of this after Gates posted a thank-you-health-care-workers message.

Well, it’s obscene to make such claims and remarks and blaming someone for a crisis just because they asked to prevent the possibility. What do you think?

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    Larry 7 months

    I think you purposefully left out a huge amount of facts.

    But that is not surprising in light of the fact that you’re a partisan with a partisan agenda.

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