American, British and German troops are leaving the Middle East with their tails between their legs

American, British and German troops are leaving the Middle East with their tails between their legs

The fascist Tony Blair. How much blood does he have on his hands due to the invasion of Iraq.
The bastard still plays a backward role in Labor in an attempt to prevent Labor from making a jerk to the Left.
January 8 – England sends five additional heavy Chinook transport helicopters from Odiham air base in Hampshire to Iraq.
There are now four stationed in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. England has 60 in total.
The Times says the helicopters can be used for an evacuation of British from Iraq. England has 1400 soldiers and civilian personnel there.
According to the Guardian, 50 Britons have been moved from their Green Zone (government district) in Baghdad to Camp Taji, 40 km north of the capital for their own safety.
20 military planners were also flown in to help work out various scenarios (escalation, or a complete departure from Iraq).
A preview? Is Trump sensible enough to see that a true slaughter can be done among “his troops”?
An Iranian retaliation for General Soleimani’s liquidation attack took place last night, firing (more than ten) missiles at the US base at camp Asad in western Anbar province and at the base at Erbil in northern Iraq.
No victims are reported, but the significance could be that Iran shows that it can hit US bases successfully without the air defense being able to do anything about it.

Sources: The Times (Lucy Fisher), The Guardian (Dan Sabbagh, Patrick Wintour)

Posted: 07 Jan 2020 11:22 AM PST

January 4 – The Washington Post has made an overview:

* Iraq – 6000 among others in the Green Zone in Baghdad and the al-Asad airbase
* Syria – 800 among others in the al-Tanf garrison near the Syrian-Jordanian border
* Afghanistan – 14,000 including at Bahram Air Base
* Kuwait: 13,000 on a number of bases
* Jordan – 3000 among others on flight bases Muwaffaq Salti and King Faisal
* Saudi Arabia – 3000
* Bahrain – more than 7,000 on a naval base
* Oman – several hundred and use of a number of airports and ports
* United Arab Emirates – 5000
* Qatar – 13,000 based on al-Udeid
* Turkey – 3500 including at Incirlik Air Base
Add up to that, almost 70,000 working-class boys, who become the target of a war and ” may ” die for their capitalist exploiters
About 1.4 million soldiers are currently in active service, and there are an additional 860,000 reservists. There is currently no compulsory military service in the United States.

Source: The Washington Post (Miriam Berger)

Another Nazi dream burst apart
Posted: 07 Jan 2020 03:19 AM PST
January 7 – The German Ministry of Defense has (temporarily) withdrawn a number of soldiers from Iraq.
According to a statement to the Bundestag this was done on behalf of the leadership of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), the coalition against ISIS.


32 German soldiers (trainers) stationed at the Taji base north of Baghdad have already arrived in Jordan. Three soldiers from the OIR staff in Baghdad are sent to Kuwait.
In total there were 120 German soldiers in Iraq, the contingent trainers in Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan) staying there.
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